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Install WIFI for your site – indoors and outdoors. 110 Telecoms offers business WIFI connectivity to sites in Central London within 7 days.

This is a fully fledged resilient service backed up with industry leading SLA and speeds available up to 100MB synchronous

Is fibre too expensive to your site? Is the lead time too long? Then get our 110 Telecoms WIFI solution delivered to your London site and beat the cost of downtime.

We believe that your clients could benefit from our services for:

  1. Bridging the waiting period before fibre is installed, we can install within 7 days.
  2. Emergency provision when a fibre circuit is delayed through planning, Wayleave, blocked duct or any other issues causing an unexpected delay.
  3. Alternative, diverse routing for 100% SLA ‘always on’ resilience to a fibre circuit with single static IP address across both connections for seamless failover.
  4. Fast connectivity for clients who cannot get fibre in their building at all.
  5. End to End QoS for Sip traffic with application layer prioritisation, service assurance and analytics.

For a free consultation on Wifi Connectivity, please call us on 03334 006 110 or request a callback here.